The Humphrey’s Estate Temecula Session | Little L turns 2

Little Ms. L has been one of my sweetest clients since she was a newborn baby and now she’s 2 years old. She’s a girl after my own heart. She loves to be barefoot, dig in the dirt, collect rocks, give kisses, and dance. Her curly hair captured me but her sweet personality stole my heart. Throughout the session she wanted to cuddle and kiss me. She loved to look at her images on the back of the camera and would say “me, me, me!”. She adores nature so much that she would literally pick up rocks, leaves, & dirt and almost shower herself in them. On more than one occasion she would carefully collect rocks and gift them to me as a sign of her friendship. Sometimes it’s hard to keep shooting when all you want to do is sit and play with these little ones! My heart exploded by the end of the evening and I didn’t want to say goodbye.

I think one of the best things we did is let her be her! We honored her personality as we planned her session. She wore a gorgeous dress with a woodland inspired floral halo decorated in delicate little berries and twigs made by my favorite florist, A Flower Chick. She also wore overalls to honor her spunk and love of getting dirty in nature like when she goes camping with her family. In both cases, we kept her barefoot. Her session took place at The Humphrey’s Estate in Temecula, CA. This location offers so many enchanting features to make our little woodland wild child vision come to life that much more.

I don’t know how I even get this lucky to have such insanely incredible clients. We share stories, laugh, and admire their littles as they change and grow. Her momma surprised me with my very own LulaRoe leggings at the end of the evening. I think I’m a little late to the LulaRoe game but as a newborn photographer and someone who edits for hours on end, I can’t believe I hadn’t ever purchased them before. So today, I’m super comfortable in my LulaRoe pants, sipping tea, and editing her sneak peek. Thank you so much for your kindness, I appreciate it so much! If you’d like an of these amazing pants (which I will post a photo of below) here’s her Facebook page- LuLa Roe VIP by Joletta. Supporting other moms with small businesses is a big passion of mine. I’m hooked, thank you!

Take a peek at our enchanting session, her gallery is going to be all sorts of amazing!temecula-murrieta-newborn-baby-maternity-photographer-www-kimberlyjustusphotography-com-luna-blog-1-of-4temecula-murrieta-newborn-baby-maternity-photographer-www-kimberlyjustusphotography-com-luna-blog-3-of-4temecula-murrieta-newborn-baby-maternity-photographer-www-kimberlyjustusphotography-com-luna-blog-2-of-4temecula-murrieta-newborn-baby-maternity-photographer-www-kimberlyjustusphotography-com-luna-blog-4-of-4


My cozy editing pants (and my dog Chloe) below……


Kimberly Justus Photography is a full service custom photography studio specializing in maternity, newborn, and baby’s 1st year serving clients from Orange County to San Diego.

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